Letters, A Group Exhibition at ATHR, Space 01, 02, & 03

Omar Saif Ghobash's 'letters' to his 'young Muslim' [son] serves as the pivot around which 36 artists respond to in this latest exhibition. 
In the contemporary globalized world we live in, shaped by money, military and media, finding space to value the authentic and interpret the unadulterated is a feat in and of itself. Each chapter presents a personal letter from Ghobaish to his son, based on an aspect of Islam prevalently misunderstood and misinterpreted in wider society. Ghobash carefully unpicks it factually based on his immediate life-experience. What simmers to the top are fine bubbles of wisdom, open mindedness and judiciousness, adhering firmly to the forward thinking and openness of Islam.
Our latest exhibition takes the themes explored in Ghobash’s book as the basis from which 36 international artists present works- be it as a direct commentary, themed inspiration or candid response- where each work will be sub categorized into its own respective group. The ventured topics interweave their multilayers and overlap thematically.
The groups include; Fragments of Memory, Landscapes, Youth and Other, Probable Questions, Power of Language and The Grey Area. This cross-fertilization within each sub-category generates waves of dialogue, further emphasizing the conceptual depth and breadth of the continued interpretation of religion in today's world.
Participating Artists Include:
Abdulkarim Qasim - Abdullah Al Othman - Abdulnasser Gharem -  Ahaad Al Amoudi - Ahmed Mater -  Anahita Razmi -  Arwa Abouon  -  Aya Haidar -  Ayman Yossri Daydban - Ayman Zedani  -  Babak Golkar -  Basma Felemban  -  Dana Awartani   -Daniah Al Saleh - Driss Ouadahi -   Eiman Elgibreen  -  Fahad Burki -  Faycal Baghriche  -  Hajra Waheed -  Hazem Harb -  James Clar -  Joseph Rodriguez   - Jowhara Al Saud -  Lulwah Al Homoud -  Manal Al Dowayan -   Muhannad Shono   -Nadine Hammam -  Nasser Al-Salem -  Rayyane Tabet -  Saeed Gamhawi -  Sara Abdu -  Sara Rahbar  -  Ushmita Sahu -  Yara El-Sherbini -  Zahrah Al Ghamdi